5 ways to cope up with Depression

You don’t know it, until you’re noticed. Sometimes, we think we are fine when we are actually in depression. The word itself scares people. Being in it is even scarier. The actions of the person facing it are unpredictable. He might not eat or eat way too much. More than usual. He might not sleep or sleep for more than 12 hours. He might stay quiet for days or months or might resort to illegal activities. The person will have the rage which will make him unstoppable.

Depression forces you to do things that are not in your control. Losing your loved ones, seeing a person die in front of you or even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are the causes of depression. The person can be brought out of it, if done at the perfect time or it will affect the life of that person. Here are the ways you can deal with depression :

  • The first thing you do when you’re in depression is get away from Social Media. It helps to be away from all the negativity. Sometimes you see things that takes you down the memory lane, throws flashes of your past at you, so it is better to be off media for a while.
  • The second thing to do is be busy. This will help you forget the reason why you’re depressed. Develop a hobby or join a club. It will make you happy from the inside.
  • The third thing you do is pretend to be happy. After a certain point, you’ll forget that you were pretending and then you’ll actually start being happy. All the sadness goes away easily without doing much.
  • The fourth thing is working out. Join the gym if you want. By working out you release all the negative energy through sweat and it helps in blood circulation. According to research, exercise is the best way to deal with depression.
  • The fifth thing is removing any memory you have from the incident from where it all started. By deleting, you’re actually erasing off all the negativity from your life and channelizing positive energy to enter in your life.

    Make use of all these steps. If you feel the need to see a counselor, go on. It’ll help you treat your depression better. Tell an adult. Be out of depression before it sucks in your whole life.

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